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Stephen Paea sets bench-press record at NFL.

I don't know who can bench press the most but former lineback Keith Davis of the New York Giants could bench 515 pounds. Linebacker Larry Allen claims a 700 pound bench press, though i would consider it an assisted lift. I would believe he bench press. Weight Year Record Gear 320 kg 710 lb 1985: Ted Arcidi first presses 678 lb and then becomes the first man to bench press over 700 lb with a lift of 705.5 lb 320.0 kg, performed without wrist wraps, but with one of the first prototype supportive bench press shirts, which was 50% polyester and 50% cotton and only one layer thick. 08/06/2015 · But none of this would be possible without Smith, who has been the consummate Cowboy from Day 1. And thanks to a handy "10 things to know about Tyron Smith" list posted in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, we might know why. According to center Travis Frederick, Smith can bench anywhere from 600 to 700 pounds. 25/03/2013 · High, bench-pressed 700 pounds. The weight was a new Texas state record, not to mention a personal record, topping 670 pounds, as he lifted 700 pounds. Yes, 700 pounds. To put that in perspective, the top NFL bench press mark is reportedly 705 pounds, as lifted by former Dallas Cowboys offensive guard Larry Allen. 18/06/2015 · Bill Kostroun/Associated Press 11. Anthony Zettel, DL, Penn State. Zettel -- who earned some acclaim for uprooting a tree with a tackle this summer -- didn't max out on the squat rack this spring, but he cleaned 365 and improved his bench press to 430 pounds.

On December 16, 2016, the NFL announced it would bring back the veteran combine renaming it the Pro Player Combine and focus its attention on younger players instead of veterans trying to get another chance in the NFL. See also. Progression of the bench press world record; References. Home > Fitness Testing > Tests > Strength > Bench Press > Max. Maximum Bench Press Test. In a set weight maximum bench press test, the subject performs as many bench presses as they can at a particular weight. Tests such as this one are part of the NBA pre. 11/08/2017 · The 225 bench test provides NFL scouts with a look in an athlete's training past. Let's roll under the bar. It's time to put up or shut up. Most reps done on 225-bench. Stephen Paea, former defensive tackle, Oregon State. The 225 bench test in NFL Combine can. 07/01/2018 · At his NFL Pro Day in 2011 he hit 52-reps on the 225 lb bench press, which topped the Combine record, but was unofficial due to its performance setting. We couldn’t find the original video of the 52-rep bench press, but we found a mock pro day.

19/02/2016 · The bench press is the ultimate test for power and endurance at the NFL Combine. Here's a look at how athletes train to make sure they're ready to push as many reps as possible. NFL Scouting Combine é uma espécie de laboratório de observação para futuros jogadores da NFL, que poderão ser escolhidos no próximos Drafts. Trata-se de um dos períodos mais importantes para o recrutamento universitário da liga profissional de futebol americano, onde as promessas universitárias são avaliadas pelos departamentos de estatísticas dos 32 times da NFL. 05/10/2012 · The NFL's 225 pound bench press test is notorious and challenging. Researchers now believe, using an equation, that it is also an accurate predictor of bench press 1RM. Try it. In the NFL combine wide receivers are required to do a max rep set on the bench at 225lbs. The top performers in the 2010 combine put up in the area of 18-20 reps. For a max bench this equates to something around 300-315 for a max weight. With the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine taking place Feb. 26-March 4 on-field workouts are March 1-4 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind., we decided to look back at some of the records set in individual categories. Here's a look at the bench press record, which measures the number of times a player can bench press 225 pounds in one set.

08/12/2017 · Here is Brad doing 60 reps on the bench press crushing the NFL bench press record. Mike O'hearn has called him out to do an NFL "combine" workout with Heath.The bench press has long been a popular test of strength. The NFL uses the 225-pound repetition bench press test as a way to test upper-body strength for its incoming rookie class. Below is a list of the NFL Combine Bench Press Record by position group. It is important to note thatdoesn't have records of all scouting combine results.23/02/2017 · Check out former Arizona TE, and current New England Patriot, Rob Gronkowski, bench press 225 lbs at the 2010 NFL Combine. Subscribe to NFL:

Brad Castleberry breaks NFL Combine bench press.

03/02/2017 · NFL, listen up—John Cena has some advice for you. The WWE superstar spoke about the NFL combine in a video for Sports Illustrated and how the league uses the bench press to help measure the strength and potential of prospects coming into the league. 03/02/2017 · George Hackenschmidt. Hack’s record stood for seventeen years until Joe Nordquest broke it by a kilogram in 1916, and a hundred years later, the exercise had evolved into the bench press and the world’s heaviest lift had more than doubled Hackenschmidt’s original press.

02/02/2017 · Not only is this upper-body strength test featured in the NFL Combine, it’s also the official strength test of the Church Of Bobby Maximus, my home gym, which is why I call the test “Sacrament.” There’s just something about pumping out bench press reps that purifies the weakness from a man. 21/10/2018 · Dyanmic on the field, strong in the gym, Michael Pierce continues to record big numbers. Dyanmic on the field, strong in the gym,. Home » NFL Player Michael Pierce Squats 725 lbs Unbelted. NFL Player Michael Pierce Squats 725 lbs Unbelted. At Samford Pro Day this past March he recorded 28 reps on the 225 lb bench press. What Is a Good Max for Bench Pressing for a Cornerback?. The maximum weight that you should be able to bench press as a cornerback in football depends significantly on your weight. Although overall strength is important, a cornerback's maximum bench press is not among the top traits that scouts and coaches use to.

Sport Stars & Celebrity Bench Press Rumors by Ben Tatar of. Disclaimer: This article is for amusement purposes only. The bench press statistics we have compiled are not. In the NFL combine wide receivers are required to do a max rep set on the bench at 225lbs. The top performers in the 2010 combine put up in the area of 18-20 reps. For a max bench this equates to something around 300-315 for a max weight. This is of course not.

Who can bench press the most in the NFL - Answers.

Answer. The record for bench press at the NFL combine was 51 reps of 225lbs, set by Justin Ernest, DT, of Eastern Kentucky in 1999. This was broken in 2013. 22/11/2018 · Let’s face it, aside from maybe a few field goal kickers pretty much all NFL players are in great shape. After all, these are some of the top athletes in the entire world. We have compiled the top 25 most jacked athletes in the NFL today, the best of the best if you will. Without further ado let. Strength Level calculates your performance in compound exercises like bench press, deadlift and squat. Enter your one-rep max and we will rank you against other lifters at your bodyweight. This will give you a level between Beginner ★ ★★★★ and Elite ★★★★★.

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